Japanese Grilled Plant-Based Beef Bowl

Japanese Grilled Skirt Steak bowl 🍚🌱 Submitted by @veganhomecookings (Instagram)

Pan Fry Next Meats plant-based skirt steak and/or short rib. 1 x 2.8 oz portion per servicing. Preferred Greens of your choice. Recommend big leaf lettuce. (Butterhead, Escarole, etc) Add radish/alfafa sprouts to garnish.


✔️1tsp grated ginger

✔️1/2TBS sesame oil

✔️1TBS grated white sesame

✔️1TBS maple syrup

✔️2TBS soy sauce or tamari (GF)

✔️2TBS water

✔️Pinch of cayenne pepper

⁡Microwave for 20 seconds

Serve with rice and greens.

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