🍕 Bulgogi Focaccia Pizza with Next Beef Bowl 🍕

Updated: Mar 14

@veganhomecookings is back with this delicious pizza!


✔️”Beef Bowl” meat from @nextmeats_usa

✔️Tomatoes (sliced)

✔️Vegan Cheese (shredded)

✔️Cilantro (chopped)

✔️Shredded red pepper

🔸BULGOGI sauce

✔️1.5tsp ground ginger

✔️1/2TBS sesame oil

✔️2TBS soy sauce or tamari

✔️2tsp doubanjiang (chili bean sauce)

✔️2tsp gochujang (Korean red chili paste)

✔️3TBS water

✔️Pinch of cayenne pepper

🔸Focaccia Crust

✔️200g all-purpose flour

✔️180cc warm water

✔️1TBS+1tsp olive oil

✔️1tsp sea salt

✔️1/2tsp cane sugar

✔️4g dry yeast


1 In a bowl, combine warm water, sugar, and dry yeast, and mix

2 Add olive oil, and salt

3 Add flour

4 Mix roughly with a spatula

5 Cover with a silicone lid and let it sit for 1 hour until dough is doubled in size (it should look very bubbly and alive)

6 Preheat oven 225℃ (435℉)

7 Soak and marinate Next Beef Bowl in the bulgogi sauce for one hour

8 In a skillet, heat light oil, sauté until sauce is slightly reduced, and set aside

9 Line a parchment paper with a pan, spread olive oil, pour the dough

10 Make a round shape with a spatula

11 Spread pizza sauce, place tomatoes, BULGOGI, and cheese

12 Bake for 10-15 minutes

13 Top with cilantro and red pepper

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