About Next Meats

vegetables and Next Meats on a grill.



At Next Meats, we prioritize sustainability over profit. We approach the production of Next Meats with a mindset to reduce our environmental impact, so we can pass down a better global environment for generations to come. We tackle the challenges around climate change to help better the world with our actions.




The choices we make today will change the course of our future. We aim to make plant-based products a mainstream option. This is not about capturing a passing trend. Meat-free alternatives are a new, great-tasting standard that isn’t going anywhere.



While contributing to a growing way of life, we will also promote the understanding of the positive environmental significance of Next Meats. We can help lead the shift from an era of mass production and consumption to an era that collectively thinks more deeply about the significance and value of food. We are not building in the spirit of competition, but in collaboration with each other because we all have a stake in our planet’s future. 




We believe in moving quickly and learning from trial and error. This is the only way to stay ahead as our global climate crisis and thinking around the environment grows. Plant-based products are gaining attention due to increasing concern around environmental issues and rising health consciousness, which is leading to an expanding global market.


Among the players in the market, Next Meats is growing business at an exceptional speed. This is made possible by Japan’s unique art of product-making combined with a delicate sense of taste, and a passion to realize a sustainable society as quickly as possible. It all comes from our strong belief in the possibility of plant-based products, which makes us truly think this is the moment to make the revolution happen.