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100% premium plant-based meats from Japan. Incredibly delicious, versatile, and eco-friendly.

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Picture of sushi with plant-based wagyu in the middle.
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Premium Japanese Brisket
Coming Soon.

World's first whole cut premium Japanese plant-based Wagyu.
Made in California.
Carbon Negative Packaging.
Delicious & Versatile Perfection.

Three pieces of Next Meats brisket with sesame seeds.


"One of the best vegan meats I have ever had in my life..."

Chef Reina Montenegro, San Francisco CA

This is by far the BEST plant-based meat that I've tried so far. Def Next Level!"

Sharon Lee, Food Blogger, Montreal Canada

"So excited to have our hotel guests sample Next Meats. Everyone loved it - vegans and omnivores alike!"

HeartCore Hotels, Mountain View, Hawaii

Example dishes and packaging for Next Meats products.

From Japan 

Available Now

Next Meats USA, Inc.,
Los Angeles, CA

Next Meats Holdings, Inc.

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